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Girls a-rowdy

NEW! Neighbours, BBC1, 1.35pm
There have been many reports of high-profile axings in the cast down under, so it might be a good idea to embrace the newcomers in preparation for your old favourites leaving. The Timmins family have slowly been making their presence felt on Ramsay Street, with Stingray showing up first, eventually followed by brother Dylan and mother Janelle. And yesterday we completed the picture with our first sightings of the Timmins girls: say hello to Janae and Bree, everyone! Janae sounds like she has überbitch potential and younger sister Bree is quieter and a little shy, but somewhat easily led astray. We can’t help wondering what Desperate Housewives’ Bree would make of her namesake – we can’t help thinking she’d have a minor fit. Meanwhile, the relationship between Liljana and Paul (this may sound wrong, but we’re really enjoying this plotline) continues to cause friction.

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