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Must be funny, in a rich man's world

CASH! The Secretary Who Stole £4 Million, BBC2, 9.00pm
It’s no big secret that we at lowculture adore a made-for-TV movie based on a true story; after all, Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? is one of our all time cinematic treats. It’s not so often we get a good British one, of course, so we’re very excited to be recommending this. Most of us remember the news reports of high-flying financial PA Joyti De-Laurey who stole millions from her employers to fund a glamorous lifestyle for herself and her family (it’s been called a “modern day Robin Hood” story, but we’re not entirely sure how much of the money that Robin Hood stole from the rich he actually kept for himself), and we daresay there are a fair few people out there who think that if people are rich enough not to notice when someone’s stolen several million quid from them, they’ve sort of got it coming – we might even put ourselves in that camp. Meera Syal plays Joyti, if you needed another reason to watch – we love her so very much, and we think she’ll be rather good in this.

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