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Grace and flava (sorry)

CUE! Will & Grace, Channel 4, 8.30pm
A criticism that a lot of people have been levelling at Will & Grace recently (and not without just cause, if we’re honest) is that it pays too much attention to its guest stars and that things tend to go to shit as a result (stand up and take a bow, Jennifer Lopez! On second thoughts, don’t). Tonight’s guest star, however, sounds like a real boon to us: James Earl Jones. Jack’s appearing in a Broadway show with Mr Jones (Jack has one line, JEJ has about 400), and ends up stealing the show, thus leading to the voice of Darth Vadar taking acting lessons at the McFarland School of Acting. This does lead us to wonder how “Luke, I am your father” would sound in a high-pitched girly squeal, of course. In tonight’s B-plot, Grace steals exercises by watching someone else’s personal trainer at the gym, which sounds like a brilliant idea to us. Whoever said TV was influential to the detriment of impressionable youngsters? Oh, right: everyone.

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