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Haircut advice will be met with laughter

EEK! Ann Widdecombe To The Rescue, BBC2, 8.30pm
Imagine, if you will, being at your lowest ebb, events forever conspiring against you, your problems seemingly insurmountable. What, pray tell, could turn things around and make you smile again? The cast of Sunset Beach turning up to give you a private performance? An announcement that ITV plan to revive both Night & Day and Crossroads instead of commissioning a second series of Celebrity Love Island? John the gardener from Desperate Housewives declaring his undying love? Or, just maybe, the indomitable Ann Widdecombe popping round with her $0.02 worth? Inspired by her turn as an agony aunt for The Guardian, she brings her trademark brand of common sense to some lesser mortals who haven’t quite mastered the art of keeping one's upper lip stiff and one's socks well and truly pulled up. Let’s be perfectly honest here: the prospect of getting advice from Ann Widdecombe for your troubles invites a phrase involving the words "frying pan" and "fire" to us, but it might make for some good telly. If we can resist the urge to throw things at it, of course.

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thankyou so much for bringing Night & Day memories back into my conscious mind. Now i must go and find which of ukgold/itv3/ukdrama are showing this baby on repeats!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:15 pm  

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