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Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

TALKY! The Springer Show, ITV1, 9.25am
It’s been some time now since Trisha Goddard defected to Five, and there has been a lot of speculation about who could possibly fill her big shoes and even bigger hair. We take out hats off to ITV, however, because they’ve landed the only person whose name is more synonymous with trashy talk shows than Trisha – the one and only Mr Jerry Springer. Now with new notoriety, thanks to Christian Voice’s somewhat lively reaction to the BBC’s decision to screen Jerry Springer: The Opera, it’s safe to say this show isn’t going to be cosy sofa TV. Fans of Trisha’s trademark DNA tests will be pleased to know that they still have a home with Jerry, and we’re sure the lie detector can’t be too far away either. Whether Jerry’s going to attract guests like the ones on his American show (you know, the giant transvestite ones who’d fathered three children and were secretly gay) we’re not sure. But we hope so.

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"Fans of Trisha’s trademark DNA tests"

I believe you will find that Maury Povich in America has had the trademark on this for many years. They saved his career! Perhaps he just had a franchise deal with Trisha, who has better hair.


By Anonymous Mark (NYC), at 5:14 pm  

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