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Geek jokes are funny

MISTAKES! The O.C., E4, 9.00pm
While we haven’t exactly been gripped by the second season of The O.C. (indeed, we kind of stopped watching it regularly several weeks back, and even the combined might of Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson couldn’t raise our interest again), we will freely admit that it is the king of all self-referencing shows. Just so you’re clear, this isn’t always a good thing. Fortunately, tonight’s chunk of meta really makes us laugh: Seth makes a new friend, who’s practically perfect in every way. Her name? Mary-Sue. Okay, perhaps you have to read or write a lot of fanfic to get that one, but it caused a few giggles here at lowculture towers, anyway. In the rest of the episode, Nana’s getting hitched, Kirsten is still drinking herself into a stupor (and as far as we can tell, either no one else has noticed, or no one else cares. Poor Kirsten) and Trey and Marissa have something of a set-to. We’re probably not meant to root for Trey to actually kill her, but guess what? We’re totally going to anyway.

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