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Friends reunited

FRISKY! Mile High, Sky One, 10.00pm
Sometimes lowculture is bad. Sometimes we don’t pay as much attention to our favourite shows as perhaps we should. Recently, having had our fickle attentions diverted by newer, shinier shows like Desperate Housewives and America’s Next Top Model, we’ve entirely neglected to watch the current series of Bad Girls. And what of Mile High? Poor Mile High, our favourite adult-themed (i.e. bordering on pornographic) Sky One drama. We caught last week’s episode and realised that characters have arrived and departed leaving us none the wiser – where’s Poppy these days? And Marco? And where did Lorna come from, and the new female pilot whose name we don’t know, and the new buff male steward whose name we also don’t know? Oh, so many questions. Mile High, we hereby pledge that we will try to catch up and get to know you intimately again. Thank heaven for constants like Will, Janis, Lehann and Captain Croker to give us a reference point. In tonight’s episode, Lorna (whom we love, despite having known her for about five minutes) heads to Brighton with Croker for a romantic break. Awww.

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