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Even better the second time?

REMAKES! The Office: An American Workplace, BBC3, 9.30pm
As any TV critic will tell you, American remakes of hit British TV shows are seldom successful. They may then cite Coupling, Men Behaving Badly or many other examples of occasions where it went horribly wrong. If they’re feeling particularly generous, they may also cite Brighton Belles as an example of how it can go equally wrong in reverse. It still doesn’t stop people trying, of course, and NBC’s remake of The Office was, at least, a moderate hit with critics and viewers, and tonight we get a chance to see it ourselves on BBC3. The names have changed, the locations have changed, even the company has a new name, but the plots and the general concept are fairly recognisable. The only problem being, do we really want to watch the remade version when there wasn’t anything wrong with the original? Especially when you could just wait and watch it tomorrow night on UKTV Gold. We’re just sayin’.

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As I recall, only the first episode is a copy. The rest were original stories. Some of it actually works quite well. I didn't really like the romance bit being so blatant so early on, though.

By Blogger Mark NYC, at 7:29 pm  

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