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All the TV that's mad, bad, or just a little bit evil for Wednesday. Our Tiny Tanya Turner ratings show just how low each show goes – the more Tanyas a show scores, the more mental it is.
» KNOWING! Will & Grace, Living TV, 9.00pm
Jennifer Lopez continues her guest appearance as herself, following on from singing at Karen's wedding in the finale to the previous series. Jack's just got back from touring with Jennifer, only for Karen to insist that he use his new-found showbiz connection to get J-Lo to take a look at the song she's written. It's early days for this series, of course, but this suggests that they haven't quite fixed the over-reliance on guest stars that's hampered our enjoyment of recent series.
» GOING! Point Pleasant, E4, 9.00pm
Poor Point Pleasant - the entirely non-Midas touch of Marti Noxon strikes again. Despite having a fairly interesting premise (devil's daughter arrives in a small coastal town and proceeds to screw everyone up royally), the writing and execution have been extremely sloppy, and a couple of good performances couldn't save it. It's been axed in the States, and since we're so close behind, this will be the last episode to greet these shores, so we're told. Christina, we hardly knew ye.
» GROWING! Desperate Housewives, Channel 4, 10.00pm
Good news for the people who were alarmed by our proclamation of hatred for Lynette last week - we like her again! Dear Lynette, please be a bit more consistent so that we can start liking you full-time like we used to. Thanks. Anyway, this week Lynette gets rather upset to find Ryan O'Neal (playing her father-in-law, just so we're clear; there isn't a sudden influx of Hollywood stars moving to Wisteria Lane or anything) humping someone who isn't her mother-in-law right there on Lynette's lovely couch, and on this particular occasion, we completely support her. Gabrielle gets a marriage proposal from someone who doesn't appear to know her first name - it could just be us, of course, but the sentence "Mrs Solis, will you marry me?" is a little creepy. Bree and Rex begin divorce proceedings, and most momentously of all, Susan survives the entire episode without a Slapstick Susan Moment! Our little girl is growing, folks.
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