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We did this bit last week and got so many smart-arses complaining about the authenticity of the facts that we went into a week-long huff and refused to write anything. So if you want that to happen again, you know where the comments box is. If not, just SHUT IT and enjoy the THREE MOST AMAZING FACTS OF THE DAY.
» ONE! Michelle McManus has shed several stone during the filming of her forthcoming You Are What You Eat special. Nice to see something going write for the big man at last. FACT!
» TWO! The person we thought was going to die in Neighbours doesn't die at all. Swizz! Select the spoiler zone for more -->Yes, Dr Karl lives! Turns out that neighbours.com has a rather less than convincing grasp of what "dies" actually means..<-- FACT!
» THREE! Crooner Tony Christie, currently at No.1 with that song of his, will appear in Emmerdale this summer. He will sing a duet with Dianne, and his old mum is said to be "delighted" at the news. FACT!
AND! Here's Uncaring Elsie's...
» DON'T-GIVE-A-FUCK FACT! Brian McFadden and Delta Goodream are planning to set up home in LA. Brian says it's because her US career is set to take off, although we can't imagine what his motivation might be. Don't hurry back, kids. DON'T CARE!

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