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It's not often we command you to do anything, and when we do you don't usually take much notice, but here goes anyway. We COMMAND you to watch Marigold, a new sitcom making its debut appearance on BBC3 tonight at 11.10pm.
It's written by Robin Taylor, the winner of BBC Talent's sitcom writer competition, who by an amazing coincidence happens to be a friend of ours. Hurrah! Not that we're biased or anything. Oh no.
It's a tale of a traditional sitcom family gone horribly, horrible wrong, starring The Smoking Room's Selina Griffiths as Marigold, a woman who aims to be a domestic goddess, but always falls somewhat short of the mark. Her efforts aren't helped by being married to the utterly useless Kenneth (Angus Deaton), who is essentially neither use nor ornament. Chuck in a rather worried-looking teenage son, Jack (Augustus Prew) and you've got the perfect format for a series of increasingly lewd jokes about The Weakest Link, Blazin' Squad and taking it up the wrong 'un. Hurrah!
We saw this pilot episode being recorded a few weeks ago, and it's really rather good, so you all have permission to stay up well past your usual bedtime to watch it. Selina Griffiths is ace, it's very funny, and the son is rather cute, which is great if you like that kind of thing (obviously we didn't even notice).
» Read more about Marigold here.

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