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The last of our special guest Taynas is Kelly – she works in the internet (yes, actually INSIDE it), and unashamedly loves The OC ("I'm a Seth-aholic (despite being 30), am bearing Point Pleasant, and live for America's Next Top Model"). Perfect! Our Tiny Tanya Turner ratings show just how low each show goes – the more Tanyas a show scores, the more mental it is.
» SAP! The OC, Channel 4, 2.40pm
Ryan tries to come to terms with his feelings for Lindsay –when did Rebel Ryan become such a wet blanket?  Caleb learns the charges have been dropped – shame, I’d have loved to have seen him in a gritty chokey shower scene.  Seth probably does what Seth does best: ramble, self-obsess, wear granddad clothes and be generally lovely.  There’s probably a party with a fistfight too. 
SLAP! Point Pleasant, E4, 7.00pm
» SLAP! Point Pleasant, E4, 7.00pm
This appears to be on the verge of cancellation in the States, Tiny Tanya suggests upping the bitchfights and male nudity.  Christina grows increasingly baffled and curious about her new-found strength, the viewers grow increasingly baffled as to what the chuff is going on. 
» TAKE A NAP! Joey, five, 8.00pm
Tiny Tanya’s patience is wearing thin: the sets are dreadful, Matt LeBlanc doesn’t look very comfortable and the neighbour is… well, rubbish barely covers it.  We’re only still watching out of misguided loyalty and because we LOVE Drea De Matteo so much: tonight, Gina is happy when Michael gets sick and moves back home, until Michael and Joey discover her secret boyfrie…zzzzzz.  just for Drea and her tattoos.

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