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Friday again already? Hoorah! Our works canteen is putting on a Burns Supper today, allbeit three days late. It'll be our second of the week, although our haggis of choice is off the veggie variety. While we pretend the oatmeal and onions are bits of offal, why not chew over these amazing facts about Friday, January 28?
» The first speeding fine was given to a British motorist today in 1896. Walter Arnold of Kent had the audacity to drive at 8mph in a 2mph built-up area.
» In Las Vegas, Glynn Wolfe married for the 26th time today in 1984. It was a new record for non-bigamous marriages, but Glynn went on to marry 29 times in total.
» Researchers in North Carolina discovered that the way a tiger growled determined whether or not you would be attacked, four years ago today. "Is it attacking you yet?" "No" "How about now?" "No" "And now?" "Aaargh!" "That'll be the one, then."
» The steamiest edition of The Archers was broadcast today in 2000, featuring a saucy clinch between Sid Perks and Jonele Rogers in a shower.
» The Tetley Tea cartoon characters got their marching orders three years ago today, as the company felt they weren't right for marketing the health benefits of a brew.
» Lulu became the first female artist to appear on Top of the Pops across four decades today in 1993.
» Three years ago, Claire and H said the reason Steps split up was because of a rift between them and the rest of the band. The duo later found themselves in a rift scenario with their record company.
» Happy birthday to: End of the pier comedian Bobby Ball (61), Steps member Lee Latchford-Evans (30), and Big Brother glitterpuss Nadia Amalda (28).

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