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Last night's surprise Celebrity Big Brother result has left us a little dejected this morning. Poor Kenzie looked like he needed a big cuddle. Never mind, he'll hopefully be able to gain some comfort from these amazing facts about Monday, January 24, while we scour famousmales.com for pics of him without his shirt:
» Judy Finnegan stunned This Morning viewers today in 1997 after confessing to ruining a pair of shoes by wetting herself. We don't think the two incidents happened at the same time, though.
» A junior doctor was awarded nearly £400,000 in damages because she could no longer work. And why? Because she'd developed a phobia of needles and couldn't treat high risk patients. Oh, and we'd love to be binmen, but there's no way we're going near all that rubbish . . .
» The world's oldest badminton club was founded in Newcastle, today in 1900. Although, technically, today in 1900 it would have been one of the youngest.
» The Vatican tried to ban Catholics from watching "unsafe" television programmes today in 1960. Among shows considered dangerous were those showing women with bare arms, and women dressed as men.
» Beer was sold in cans for the first time ever today in 1935. It was produced by the Kreuger Brewing Company in Virginia.
» The letter W was removed from computer keyboards in the White House today in 2001. Some were simply blacked out, while others were taped to ceilings and walls. "hat a bunch of ankers," an official may or may not have typed in an internal memo later that day.
» Happy birthday to: The Young Ones and Bottom star Adrian Edmondson (48), and Shaggy doppleganger and Scream murderliser Matthew Lillard (35).

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