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Frægðin kostar sitt og hér byrjið þið að borga*

Just when you thought it was safe to forget about a certain Song Contest for another year, Gigliola, Your Eurovision Expert, has turned up again. Her English seems to be getting better, don't you think?
Hello babies! At last, they have sent me free of the Turkish prison, where I sat from the night before the competition of the song of the Eurovisión until today. I wanted to add that I am innocent of the crimes that I committed, and that I do not have any idea how the wig of Terry Wogan's came to burn in the first place.
I am prohibited of entering many countries, but the one where still they give me welcome with the open legs is charming Iceland, so that it is where I have directed. If you sit there outside a coffee house for two hours, the whole population will walk by - even Jonsi, the strappy young gentleman that represented his nation in the Eurovisión.
It enchanted me to learn that Jonsi has not fallen at hard times from going nowhere in this year's competition, and that he has appeared of the Icelandic production of the Fame.
Just one thing is disturbing to me, and that one is why the Jonsi sings the song What A Feeling of Flashdance when he is absolutely clearly supposed to be in Fame. Luckily, I am prepared enough to ignore the matter.
In any case, the happy news is that now I am great again, and at liberty to travel through Europe to bring the latest news to him and her of all their favorites of the Eurovisión on the next weeks.
Keep reading, babies!
*"Stardom cost various things and here begin ye snuggle up to pay", according to www.translation-guide.com

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