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Last week, one of our messageboard members suggested that, if Hollyoaks is supposed to reflect the lives of young people in 21st century Britain, it should contain a lot more bumming than it does at present.
This week, as if by magic, the internet is awash with rumours that one of the soap's most popular characters is going to be wrestling with his sexuality over the next few months.
As if being haunted by the ghost of Mr C is not enough to worry about, Bombhead will soon start to wonder if he actually fancies boys and not girls.
With all of this

going on around him, it's easy to see why the poor boy might be tempted from the path of righteousness.
Cold Feet star Fay Ripley is going to make an appearance as the mad lad's long-lost mum, and some light will be shed on just why he is usually wired to the moon as the story unfolds.
Rumours that actor Lee Otway has been doing some particularly enthusiastic research in preparation for this plot development are, presumably, completely unfounded.

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