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That quote is from I Dream, a new comedy series that starts on CBBC today. And we know it's true, because the show stars our old pals S Club 8.
Yes, everyone's favourite mini pop moppets are back, this time as part of the cast of an exciting tale of everyday stage school brats.
The show's producers have decided that eight S Clubbers is just not enough, so a few more have been added to the mix – including this one, who is really called Matt but is pretending to be Felix in the show. We will leave you to draw your own conclusions about why we've decided to use a picture of him instead of one of the new girls.
Fans of Calvin 8 will be pleased to know that his hair is as crazy as ever – in fact, it appears that his entire character will be defined by his love of expensive "product" and gravity-defying styling.
Oh, and there's also singing and dancing and that, plus Christopher Lloyd from Back To The Future as the school's headmaster. What more could you possibly want at 4.30 in the afternoon?

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