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No weddings this weekend, but we do have a leaving do to attend. That makes the whole process of getting dressed a lot easier in our book. But what about some amazing facts to get the chat going? Let's get some practice in with these nuggets of fabulousness relating to Tuesday, September 21:
» Newspapers reported that Thula Bora from northern Assam in India had finally come out of his room today in 2000, having gone in there in 1962 to complete some exam forms. We hear number four was a bastard.
» The Brits took gold and bronze medals in the only competition that really mattered two years ago - the Extreme Ironing World Championships . . .
» . . . yet TV presenter Michaela Strachan was doing her bit for Blighty, too. On the same day, she won first prize in a gurning compettion while filming the event for the BBC.
» A 10ft Burmese python called Boris had to have surgery to remove a jacket he had swallowed today in 2000. Turns out the poor thing was only trying to hide a fashion faux pas - it was made of denim. The horror!
» Happy birthday to: The increasingly spectre-like Larry Hagman (73), horror author Stephen King, none of whose writings are as scary as pictures of him without a beard (57), birdy bum fondler Keith Harris (57), and chat show host Ricki Lake (36).
» Unrelated fact of the day: Romanian pimps are making sure drivers realise there are yo-yo knickered slappers ahead by setting signs in concrete by the roadside showing girls in red dresses.

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