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Difficult by Design

SPECTACLE! Grand Designs, Channel 4, 9pm

The new series of Grand Designs actually started last week, but we had important information on Cardiff's finest bisexual not-so-secret-agents to impart, so it passed us by.

Anyway, tonight's episode features a man with a £1.3 million budget to build his dream home, something the Radio Times describes as 'a cross between a garden centre cafe and a very chic contemporary prison camp', which is fairly intriguing.

Anyway, you know the plot. Ambitious person comes up with bizarre plan, Kevin McCloud doesn't approve, lots of setbacks ensue, thing gets built, Kev either relents and gives it a thumbs up, if it has used loads of exciting 'processes' he can talk about, or he tells us he was right and they were wrong all along.

But, as with Property Ladder, we don't watch this for the forumla, we watch it for those kerrazy properties. And tonight's episode show us what happened when the build and the summer floods coincided. Which should be interesting in a 'glad it's not me' voyeuristic kind of way.

What we are really hoping to find later in the series is a revisit to the bonkers boat people from last series, though. Let's hope Channel 4 can fix that one for us.

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