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Johnny be Good

LAVERNE! The Culture Show, BBC2, 7:20pm

There really isn't much happening tonight that we haven't previewed in recent weeks. So thank goodness, then, for a 'new series' (surely it was only a few weeks since the last one finished?) of The Culture Show. We do like this show, which manages to marry lowculture and highculture most successfully, and always teaches us something we didn't know before.

Lauren Laverne is back hosting, following the shortest maternity leave since Myleene's, and still shows no signs of reforming Kenickie (for shame). She's a nice, warm, funny, engaging host for this, even if we do kind of prefer Verity Sharp. Still, as long as the annoying Zina Saro-Wiwa never gets the main gig, we'll be happy. Mark Kermode also returns, and we are intrigued to see whether his quiff can get even higher.

Tonight's episode features Sons and Daughters, Toby Young, Simon Pegg, The Coen Brothers, Chris Rock, a little architecture piece and, the key selling point (for us anyway), Johnny Depp AND Tim Burton, who will be talking about Sweeney Todd, a film that has had the forum users squeeing for months.

If you fancy cleansing your brain after The One and Only, then this could be just the ticket. We can pretty much guarantee no terrible Kylie imitators who sing the songs incorrectly will be featured.

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