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Idol pursuits

TALENT? American Idol, ITV2, 9.00/11.00pm

American IdolFinally. Let's banish the unpleasant spectre of The X Factor and that whimpering chap who won it for good (or at the very least, until the end of August) and get back to where it's really at: the granddaddy of them all, American Idol. No groups. No over-30s. No judges doubling as mentors. And best of all, absolutely no Louis Walsh. No wonder this is the singing contest we can watch without developing stress lesions.

Last year's Idol was memorable, but for perhaps a lot of the wrong reasons. Unlike most years, where there are one or two extremely strong contestants who are always a shoo-in for the victory, last year's Top 12 was a mixed bag, most of which were above average but few of which were exceptional, leaving the race to victory wide open until fairly late on. And there were the controversies, of course: those sordid pictures of Antonella Barba leaking onto the internet. Sanjaya Malakar's hair. The most hilarious lovers' tiff yet between Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest (including Seacrest memorably snapping "don't call me sweetheart. We don't have that kind of a relationship."). Ashley Ferl, the crying girl. Sanjaya Malakar turning to Teflon and sticking to the competition longer than anyone thought possible. The moment when Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis were in the bottom two together, leading to the most tearjerking goodbye of the season, and also the gayest moment in six years of an already highly-gay show. Early favourite Melinda Doolittle bowing out in the semi-final. Eventual winner Jordin Sparks's album being the lowest-selling debut from an Idol winner ever. See, that's not even scratching the surface, and even like that it's already a zillion times more exciting than The X Factor.

So, it's a new year, and these are things we hold true: there will be many, many auditionees. There are 24 studio-singing places to be filled by the various hopefuls. At least one good singer will get kicked off unexpectedly early. At least one bad singer will still be here long after the joke has ceased to be funny. Paula Abdul will make at least one surprisingly coherent comment. Randy Jackson will continue to use the non-word "pitchy" to describe any vocal that is out of tune, and will call all the contestants "dawg", regardless of gender. Simon Cowell will get booed every time he phrases a comment in such a way as not to be pure, unsullied praise. Ryan Seacrest will wear a lot of expensive suits. And we will get completely hooked, and start scouring the internet for places where we might find MP3s of our favourite performances, because we are absolutely that lame. This...is American Idol.

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