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Law and disorder

HARMAN! City of Vice, Channel 4, 9pm

City of Vice actually started last week, but passed us by a bit as we had other things to preview, starring Jane Asher. In fact, it's on at the same time as The Palace, so really you'll need to record it or watch it on C4+1 or 4OD.

The series is based in London, just prior to the development of the Metropolitan Police and stars Ian McDermid and Iain Glenn as the crime-fighting Fielding brothers. Tonight's episode also features the enticing (well, for some, we never really got the appeal) prospect of Nigel Harman gaying it up. He plays a transvestite rent boy and we see a glimpse of the gay scene in a time where you needed to hide your sexuality for fear of death. Although we make no promises of accuracy.

From the publicity shots of frocks and whatnot, however, we're guessing, that the show will emphasise the camp and melodramatic rather than the serious business of people being killed for who they fancy. Or maybe we're just a bit cynical.

Anyway, it's Channel 4 post-watershed, and they've been trailing the whole series as being full of sex and violence (ie a bit like a period Torchwood), so at the very least you're pretty much guaranteed lots of shots of young men with their tops of. Not that we'd suggest your average lowculture viewer has one thing in mind, or anything....

CHANGING! Damages, BBC1, 10:35pm

We know we only previewed Damages a fortnight ago, but we needed to bring it to your attention today because it has suddenly moved from a Sunday to a Monday.

We are slightly worried, because moving things around the schedules normally implies ratings failure and imminent death and we will be gutted if this fate befalls our new favourite series, especially before it gets to the end of its run.

So, we implore you to tune in now for the good of this rather marvellous show. If you haven't been watching so far, here's a quick recap. Glenn Close plays a lawyer taking on a case aganist Ted Danson, who apparently is a corrupt boss. Rose Byrne plays Glenn's new recruit, whose boyfriend's sister has witnessed an important meeting Ted was involved in that might sway the case.

The sister's dog got killed, apparently in a move to intimidate her. HOWEVER, it wasn't Ted's team that did this, but Glenn's. So basically, we don't have straightforward goodies and baddies. Oh, and the whole thing jumps about the timeline, so we are treated to glimpses from the future where Rose Byrne's character is arrested for the gruesome murder of her boyfriend with a very spiky Statue of Liberty bookend. But of course, she's innocent. Or is she...?

So now you're as up-to-date as we are, and there are no excuses for missing this one any longer...

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