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(We're so) Happy, Happy (it is Pete Waterman Day)!

The 15th of January is an annual holiday here at lowculture in honor of Pete Waterman's birthday. Sadly, Pete retired in 2007, but if he would like to come back with another bunch of rubbish in 2008 we promise to love it to bits.

Since you have all taken the day off work to have a listen to Sonia, be sure to stop for a moment and honor another important milestone on this date...

Jordy is 20!

To catch you up:
» Jordy had a huge hit in 1992 at age four with his brilliant single 'Dur dur d'être bébé (It's Tough to Be a Baby)'.
» By 1994 he had managed to make the entire nation of France feel ashamed of themselves and he was banned from television and radio.
» His clever parents then opened a tourist attraction called Jordy's Farm (La Ferme de Jordy) but that did not go over very well with non-paedophiles.
» Eventually, his parents divorced and little Jordy became emancipated.

Jump to 2006 and Jordy is back on French television, not only taking part in their celebrity version of (wait for it) The Farm, but walking away the winner. Now he is back recording music, but has tragically traded in his great techno backing tracks for a silly guitar. Enjoy the music video for his classic single below. We don't remember it being quite that creepy in 1992.

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It's your birthday too, Mark! Happy Birthday. x

By Blogger David, at 2:15 pm  

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