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Crowd control

TECHNOLOGICAL! The IT Crowd, Channel 4, 9.30pm

The IT CrowdAgain we find ourselves at a slight disadvantage when it comes to writing about this show, on the grounds that we didn't really watch the first series. With that in mind, we're falling back on our time-honoured "but lots of people we know really liked it" line as an excuse to write about it all the same, with the hope that you'll forgive us for any minor (or indeed major) factual inaccuracies. Never let it be said that we are not fully embracing of full disclosure, eh?

Anyway, onwards: this be from the pen of Graham Linehan, who brought us such televisual delights as Father Ted, Big Train, and also, according to IMDB, parts of one of our favourite woefully underrated shows ever, Never Mind the Horrocks. It centres on three misfit IT workers, overly-aggressive slacker Roy, nerdy Moss and neurotic Jen attempting to oversee the other two. Arguably a fairly standard sitcom premise, but if the short clips are anything to go by, the show itself veers towards the pleasingly surreal.

Whether we'll enjoy this as much as we loved previous slot incumbent Star Stories remains to be seen, but we can't deny the pedigree behind it, and it's still an infinitely preferable viewing decision to even more Big sodding Brother.

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