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A bit of House your father

LAST! House, Five, 9.00pm

HouseHaving had the weekend to indulge our inner Stephen Fry fanboy thanks to BBC Four, it was only natural that we got to see a fair amount of that nice Hugh Laurie on the telly as well. Particularly in the vintage episode of A Little Bit of Fry and Laurie, where it was rather hard to reconcile the younger version as the curmudgeonly medic from the top US drama series, but then perhaps that's just our lack of imagination.

Anyway! Those nice people at Five have planned a double bill for us to see the season out, so the big fans amongst you will probably want to take all the usual precautions of unplugging the phone and putting the cat out before settling down with a tipple (but not too much, in case it prompts an ill-timed toilet break) for two hours of maverick medicine. In the first episode, House deals with a teenage chess champion who's prone to random violent rages, which we're assuming have nothing to do with being checkmated.

In the second and final episode, the team are trying to save a Cuban woman's life and accidentally cause her heart to stop beating, leaving them with a rather pressing obligation to get it going again. This being the season finale, obviously that's not quite enough drama, so House decides to fire someone. Who? We're not telling you (even though the trailers make it totally obvious), but there will be repercussions. Hoo boy, will there be repercussions...

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