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Pop will hate itself

CONTROVERSIAL! Nazi Pop Twins, Channel 4, 10.30pm

Nazi Pop TwinsPop music is considered by some to be a source of infinite evil, a theory which we discovered held considerably more water when we heard Mika's latest single. This documentary, though, looks at the more literal side to that idea: a set of twins who are spreading the time-honoured messages of intolerance and white nationalism through their music and lyrics. Because presumably "save your kisses for me" or "na na na na na na na na na I just can't get you out of my head" are just not what the public wants any more.

Their names are Lynx and Lamb Gaede (indeed, why not name your children after a deodorant and the sheriff from Veronica Mars?) and together they are Wyld Stallyns! Sorry, that should be "Prussian Blue", and they're famed for their folky pop songs that often have strong white supremacist themes in the lyrics (although they claim that they are "separatists" rather than supremacists). To shed a bit of background on them, they claimed on an ABC News interview that Hitler was a great man with a lot of good ideas, and courted controversy by collecting goods for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but stipulating that they should only go to white people. Oh, and they're 15 years old (14 at the time of making this film). Insert obligatory fuddy-duddy "shouldn't they be in school?"-type comment here.

You might expect this to be a Louis Theroux piece, except it's on the wrong channel for that. Also, apparently he already encountered them during the snappily-titled documentary Louis and the Nazis in 2003, so this time it's the turn of filmmaker James Quinn to figure out exactly what is behind this not-exactly-ordinary state of affairs, including just how much of a role the twins' mother plays in their career and beliefs. Presumably he'll have plenty of rope to hand them during the course of the programme, anyway.

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