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Bloody Brilliant

PSYCHO! Dexter, FX, 11:00pm

Tonight’s show is actually a repeat of the first episode of the new Michael “C” Hall (him from Six Feet Under) vehicle, Dexter, which aired last Sunday.

While there has been a bit of a fanfare about this new series, we felt it prudent to wait until we had actually seen it before suggesting it might be any good, just in case it proved to be as monumentally unspectacular as the SciFi Channel’s The Lost Room, which starred Hall’s fellow Six Feet Under alumnus, Peter Krause.

Anyway, having tested the water we can safely report that Dexter is in fact rather ace! A minor distraction is that in order to disassociate Hall with his previous incarnation he’s had a bit of a weird makeover involving having his hair and skin dyed orange. Once you get past that though, it’s a clever and occasionally funny gore-fest.

Dexter Morgan is a psychopath, but a very controlled and tidy one. He works in forensics where he specialises in blood-splatter analysis and enjoys his work a bit too much. Occasionally, he feels the need to release tension by torturing and killing people, but thankfully he limits his victims to bad men, so it‘s OK to cheer him on as he dispenses his bloodthirsty yet meticulous brand of justice.

There are loads of chopped up body parts everywhere and severed heads being lobbed from trucks, but it’s all done in a cheery, shiny Miami style.

So, catch up tonight and then watch the second episode on Sunday 15th July at 10pm, which promises to find Dexter pondering a dead policeman whose gob has been stuffed with human flesh. Yum!

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