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So good, he named it twice

UPDATE! Dragons' Den: Where Are They Now?, BBC2, 8.00pm

Dragons' Den: yes, we know this is a very old pictureThis is not, sadly, a documentary charting what happened to Peter Jones after he had the idea to cart a show off to ITV, although that probably would be quite fun to watch. Especially the part where he saw the ratings. Don't lose heart, however, because this is a progress report on the various entrepreneurs who appeared on the last series of Dragons' Den and what sort of situation they're in now. It's the bit where you hope the ones you liked are doing well for themselves, and the ones you didn't are foraging for scraps in wheelie bins. Unless you're a nicer person than we are, which is quite likely.

The big selling point in this particular episode is that it revisits the now-infamous Levi Roots, inventor of Reggae Reggae Sauce. The only sauce (that we know of) to come with its very own musical accompaniment (the "I feel like chicken tonight" song does NOT count), or at the very least the only one where the jingle was released as a single in its own right. At least, we were told that was happening. We don't really know if it ever did. That's sort of the point of this programme in fairness, isn't it? He did at least get to perform it on Harry Hill's TV Burp, which is a high accolade in its own right.

Also appearing in tonight's show are the duo who persuaded all five dragons to invest in their Standby Saver. We have to admit we didn't see this episode, so we have no idea what one of those is or does, but it might be something to do with saving standbys. That's our gut instinct, anyway. Or possibly something huggable and eco-friendly having to do with stopping TVs from being left on standby and wasting power. Our flatmate does this all the time, and every time he does it we kick him in the bollocks. That's more of a short-term solution, though, so perhaps we do need one of those things after all.

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