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Courteney act

TABLOID! Dirt, Five US, 9.00pm

DirtWe were torn between that dreadful pun and "dirty cox" as the headline for today's write-up; frankly, when both of your ideas are that shameful, why even bother choosing? As soon as we've finished writing this, we're going to send ourselves over to sit in the corner and Think About What We Just Did. Anyway, to business: Courteney Cox's post-Friends is here, at least for those who haven't already watched it on FX.

We're still not entirely sure whether the fact that this is tucked away on one of Five's fledging digital channels is a brilliant call-to-action to significantly increase their audiences for the otherwise low-rating digital channels with a big-name drama, or an early sign that the show is just frankly not very good and hence not deserving of a place on the terrestrial network. Who knows? (Although if you want a little more discussion on that, there are some notes following the FX airings on our messageboard.

The fortunes of post-Friends TV shows haven't been exactly stellar. Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback was awesome but only got one series. The spin-off of Joey ran for two, but soon fell under the axe. Matthew Perry's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (coming soon to More 4) rated disappointingly in the States and hasn't been renewed for a second season. Dirt, meanwhile, has been renewed for a second series, but will any of us still want to watch? Presumably we'll have a clearer idea after tonight.

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