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Get cape, wear cape, flop?

MYSTERY! Cape Wrath, Channel 4, 10.00pm

Cape WrathWe heard about this one a while back when it was profiled in one of the glossy trade magazines that we read, and thought it sounded rather intriguing: family under the witness protection scheme gets relocated to the slightly sinister Meadowlands estate where nothing is quite as it seems and everything has a faint sense of menace. It sounded a bit Twin Peaks-y, or at the very least, a bit Night and Day, and that sort of thing floats our boat most of the time.

The thing is, of course, it's in the Channel 4 10pm Drama Slot of Doom. Remember Goldplated? Remember Ghost Squad? Probably not, in all honesty, and with good reason: they rather struggled in the slot and either played out with little fanfare or went off adbruptly into that good night, literally, getting shunted off into a graveyard slot for the rest of their run. That's not to say that Cape Wrath is instantly doomed, but it may be sensible not to get too attached too early on, just in case we get left with a bunch of unsolved mysteries or something. Fingers crossed this one bucks the trend, eh?

We've done our usual trick of checking out the cast list to see how many recognisable faces are in it, and there's certainly no shortage: David Morrissey, Nina Sosanya, Melanie Hill and Don Gilet were the first four names that leapt out at us, so the combo of mystery and a good cast is definitely appealing to us. Also, it was filmed in Kent, where we hail from originally, so we want to see if we can recognise any of the locations, which is always fun if all else fails.

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