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Vibeology - now you ask, what does it mean?

PAULA! The Friday Night Project, Channel 4, 10.30pm

The Friday Night ProjectThe thing about The Friday Night Project is that it can be quite good, or it can be quite shit, generally depending on the guest host. David Tennant, for example, was very good. Mischa Barton, on the other hand, less so. We're not really sure which way it's going to go this week, but we can inform you that the guest host is none other than Miss Paula Abdul, which makes this OFFICIALLY THE GREATEST EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION.*

Currently starring in her own reality show Hey Paula on Bravo in the States (note to Living or ITV2: if you haven't done so already, please acquire the UK broadcast rights to this show, thanks), La Abdul has taken time out to pop over and host the popular offbeat Friday night entertainment show. It'll be interesting to see how well this goes, given that her ability to string a coherent sentence together on American Idol is inconsistent at the best of the times, and generally then she's only required to say "I loved it, and you look so pretty". But still! She's Paula Abdul, and is deserving of our respect. This is the woman behind 'Vibeology' and 'Rush, Rush' after all.

So we can expect another round of Who Knows The Most About The Guest Host (tragically, we suspect the answer will not be Paula herself) as well as all the usual features, but what we really want to know is whether we can expect a long-awaited reunion with MC Skat Kat? That would truly make this must-see television. (Incidentally, MC Skat Kat's Wikipedia entry is hilarious: "MC Skat Kat was an animated cat who appeared with Paula Abdul in the video for her song "Opposites Attract" in 1989. Many listeners found this confusing, as a cat is not the opposite of a human being." Well, quite.)

*This may be a slight exaggeration.

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