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You can’t mistake their biology

FORENSIC! CSI: Miami, Channel 5, 9pm

Oh look, someone has been killed in a rather ludicrous fashion. Standing hand on hip to casually draw attention to his "badge", the lieutenant surveying the crime scene tilts his head, frowns, delivers a puntastic one-liner, dons shades and looks away meaningfully. Cue Daltry: “YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!”

It can only mean one thing: 2006’s most watched programme in the world, CSI: Miami, is back! Like a gun-wielding Quincy flanked by an unfeasibly glamorous crew of young investigators, David “slo-mo” Caruso has once again grasped the Channel 5 baton from the comparatively conservative Gil Grissom and team (and is it just us or was the recent season of the normally top notch Las Vegas version a bit of a directionless non-event?).

The previous season of CSI: Miami was completely nuts for the CSI team. While their resident Jake Gyllenhaal-a-like, Ryan Wolfe, was busy being shot in the face with a nail gun, there was all sorts of dodgy dealings going on and much fretting about a “mole” in the department. Horatio managed to take the afternoon off to marry Eric Delko’s terminally-ill sister who (as if she wasn’t tragic enough) was swiftly killed by meanie gangsters and Horatio-haterz supreme: the Mala Noche.

Tonight kicks off in typically preposterous style with Horatio and Eric slightly outside their jurisdiction in Rio, looking to kick some Mala Noche ass. Rio being in no way a gigantic place with an unimaginably huge population, Horatio also manages to find his fake-dead brother who has been hung upside down in a shed, providing a nice opportunity for H to start hitting on his sister-in-law again.

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"Rio" is one of the worst episodes I have ever seen. Did anyone notice that Caruso stepped on Rodriguez lines - TWICE. He either was unconcentrated or in a bad mood. Bad acting in a nice town

By Blogger Vixen, at 9:37 am  

Well Rio doesn't air here until tonight, but that's quite some recommendation. Interesting blog you have there.

By Blogger Kellie, at 10:24 am  

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