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Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?

SYLAR! Heroes, Sci Fi, 10.00pm

HeroesWe are currently wetting our pants like the pathetic fanboys that we are over the BBC2 trailers for Heroes (due to start 25th July, and you'd better believe we'll be talking about it again then, and watching it all over again because that's just how insanely geeky we are), but before we get too ahead of ourselves, Sci Fi is showing the first season finale for those of you who are no doubt champing at the bit to discover what happens. If you're waiting for the BBC2 airing, you probably don't want to read any further because obviously, here be spoilers.

Actually, in all fairness, we thought this show dropped the ball slightly in the last handful of episodes: not that it was actively bad, just that it felt a bit going-through-the-motions-y with all the characters being put into position ready for the explosive (no pun intended) season finale. We feel confidently able to predict, however, that you'll be significantly more engaged with this episode - it made us yell at the screen on several occasions, and we maybe even got a little bit teary. Overinvested? Us? Surely not.

So: in the last episode, Nathan won the election, there was a little girl who could track Sylar, Hiro finally got some lessons with that damn sword that's been making his plotline so boring lately, DL took out Linderman by squeezing his brain (ew) and Sylar offed Radioactive Ted and stole his power, so he can go all kablooey on New York City's ass. This leaves the non-evil Heroes who haven't yet been dramatically killed to attempt to stop him without getting their own skulls sliced open and the tasty braaaaaiiiins removed (hence Claire's look of "woe!" in the picture above). It's probably safe to say that Peter's super-cool ability to absorb everyone else's powers will probably be involved somewhere here, but will he survive the fallout (again, pun not intended)? We're saying nothing, but you'd be wise to prepare yourselves for the gayest scene of the entire series (which is a fairly hotly-contested field, given all the eyefucking and inappropriate touching that seems to go on amongst the male cast members). You'll know it when you see it, believe us.

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