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Resort to violence

FIGHT! Holiday Showdown Extreme, ITV1, 9.00pm

Holiday Showdown ExtremeNow this is a bit more like it. Forget all those reality shows where they claim to have some kind of grander purpose which belies the fact that the ultimate point of the show is for the contestants to have the biggest scrap possible; this one is clearly out for blood and doesn't really care who knows it. Such honesty in "factual entertainment" programming is refreshing, it really is.

We're not entirely sure whether the "extreme" in the title refers to the type of holiday or the resulting fight, but we've got our fingers crossed for the latter. There's certainly an extreme element to one of the holidays, which apparently is a CHRISTMAS extreme sports holiday (we shit you not), involving rising at the crack of dawn and bobsledding across mountains or something, and having an alternative Christmas dinner of gruel and wild berries. We may have exaggerated the details slightly, but you get the general idea. Oh, and the swap family loves Disneyland and hates exercise, so this is obviously going to work out brilliantly.

There's not really a lot else we need to say at this point, is there? They swap holidays, there are tears and tantrums, and then at the final night dinner there's bound to be an unholy argument. Job's a good'un.

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