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There's a Guy Down the Synagogue Swears He's Elvis

ELVIS! Blue Suede Jew, BBC2, 9.00pm

Blue Suede JewGently does it. See, this is one of those shows that we feel a responsibility to write about very carefully, because we haven't seen it, and despite the fact that the trailer is very amusing, we don't want to write a long entry here about how it's going to be hilarious and stupid only to find that the trailer is misleading and the film is moving and then we come on here in the morning to find umpteen comments calling us heartless, cynical (possibly even anti-Semitic) bastards. We learnt that lesson the hard way.

But! The trailer for this does indeed make it look quite funny. This is a documentary (hang in there, it gets better) following Gilles Elmalih, a 47-year-old Jewish Elvis impersonator. This in itself may be unremarkable, but Gilles believes that Elvis is rather like his guardian angel, and is guiding him through life and telling him the path he must take. Much the same way that Janice Dickinson does for us, even if her instructions tend to be rather destructive and predictable ("Take the botox! Lose thirty pounds! Tell that woman she looks like she has a penis! Jump into the fountain while wearing the priceless and irreplaceable designer dress!").

We're actually quite looking forward to seeing if there's an explanation for the "messages from Elvis" that are shown in the trailer, which appear to be screwed up pieces of paper lying on the floor. (Our messages from Janice usually arrive scrawled in lipstick on the chest of a semi-nude and confused-looking male, but hey, we're not complaining.) If that's a practical joke, it's a fucking mean one. It sounds like a thoroughly entertaining way to spend an hour of our evening, but of course we're waiting to see if Janice tells us to watch it. It's on at the same time as America's Next Top Model, so that's quite likely.

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