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Bad Education

STUDIOUS! Campus Ladies, Living, 8.30pm

It's not arriving with too much of a fanfare, but the trailer for Campus Ladies features a jovial man with mayonnaise neatly applied to his nipples. On that basis alone it seems worth watching.

Campus Ladies sees chums Joan and Barri discard the shackles of domesticity to pursue the student lifestyle. But this is America, so instead of cultivating dreadlocks and listening to dodgy indie bands, the ladies throw themselves with naive abandon into the more glamorous student pastimes of sexual experimentation, boozing, the slightly sinister world of "sororities" and other completely alien concepts like "co-ed dorms".

This show is executive produced by Cheryl Hines, who plays Larry David’s permanently embarrassed wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm, so look out for improvised faux pas aplenty. Interestingly, various top notch rib ticklers will pop up in season 2 of Campus Ladies, including Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes (Karen and Jack) from Will & Grace, Jason Alexander (George from Seinfeld) and Jeff from Curb Your Enthusiasm. From this we can conclude either that the first season proved to be such a chucklefest they just had to get in on the action, or it was actually a bit rubbish and Cheryl resorted to whipping out the address book and calling in some favours. We suppose all will become apparent on watching.

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