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Career begins again

ROSLIN! Life Begins Again, Channel 4, 2.25pm

Life Begins AgainWe live in hope that one day we'll find a rich benefactor to marry so that we can just give up work altogether and stay at home watching fabulously low-rent daytime TV. Until then, we'll have to keep muttering about how unfair it is that we have to work when all of these brilliant-sounding shows are on and hope that no one objects too violently to us writing previews about shows we stand little to no chance of actually getting to see, unless we get one of those massively convenient 24-hour flu bugs.

We've rather missed Gaby Roslin from our TV screens of late. Children in Need just isn't the same without her, for example, although that could have something to do with our natural aversion to anything that contains higher than our RDA of Natasha Kaplinsky. We did support her during her break from TV, though, since we saw her at a rather lowculture-skewing night out at the theatre, playing Mama Morton in Chicago (and loving every minute of the lesbian subtext, we might add) opposite the glorious Frances Ruffelle as Roxie. We're never off duty, basically.

Anyway, La Roslin is now making a return to TV with minimal fanfare, presenting this show which sounds like it ought to star Caroline Quentin but is actually about people who've made or are making massive life-changing decisions, and are brave and/or foolish enough to allow that process to be filmed and broadcast in an hour-long show on Channel 4. But they get to meet Gaby Roslin, so it's probably a good decision, all things considered. Almost enough to make us make a massive lifestyle change. Like giving up work and becoming professional watchers of daytime TV, perhaps...

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