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Sneak peep

The excitement doesn't end there, though. A few minutes later, while trying to walk through the Television Centre foyer in a manner that doesn't suggest a 31-year-old man in possession of a large plastic Empress of the Racnoss, who should we spot but that Super Hans off Peep Show.

"Ooh," we thought, "there's that Super Hans off Peep Show. Peep Show was good. If only there was some way of getting a clip of the new series, which starts next week on Channel 4, to put on the website for everyone to enjoy!"

THEN! We remembered! We do! And this is it.

Quite fast connections | WMV
Really quite fast connections | WMV

It was a big surprise to hear that Channel 4 had commissioned more Peep Show after slightly underwhelming ratings for the last lot, but lowculture is very glad they did. This time around, Mark and Jeremy are still a pair of losers, and they'll still be getting into situations so utterly excruciating that you'll watch most of it through your fingers. Check back next week for more info.

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You know, I'm quite a big Peep Show fan, but I completely didn't know that a new season was coming up. I haven't seen Channel 4 promote it at all... would have thought they would have, given that Mitchell & Webb's stars are on the rise and all. Ah well.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:10 am  

They've done quite a lot of publicity actually... and a funky MySpace site for the young folks.

Unless you were being sarcastic and I didn't twig. Meh!

I can't help myself, I am a Mitchell and Webb stalker.

By Blogger DanProject76, at 9:31 pm  

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