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MAGAZINE! Deadline, ITV2, 10.00pm

DeadlineIt's almost as if ITV2 abhors a reality show vacuum, isn't it? "Quick, WAGs Boutique is finishing in a few weeks, we need to commission something else! With celebrities, in an alien environment, competing!" This time former magazine and newspaper editor Janet Street-Porter is enlisting ten celebrities to turn around a weekly celebrity gossip magazine. We're assuming like heat, only more vacuous, if such a thing is possible. It's a terrifying thought.

The official website sadly gives us no clues as to which celebrities we can expect to appear on the show (fingers crossed for Mariah Carey, everyone), but we're fairly certain that if nothing else they'll have been chosen for their total inability to go five minutes without wanting to slap each other silly. There will also be two non-celebrity executives on hand to drive the whole shebang in the right direction, and no doubt they'll be doing their fair share of pearl-clutching and eye-rolling. Not that we're suggesting reality shows are getting predictable, or anything.

Now: there'll be a biscuit for anyone who can correctly guess what kind of reality show will follow this one when it nears the end of its run. Carol Vorderman running a team of celebrities who will try to be chartered accountants for six weeks? Jade Goody mentoring a group of celebrity dental nurses? Actually, we'd probably watch that one, if only for the racial slurs.

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The site now shows both Iwan Thomas and Blair McDonough amongst other random rubbishy D-listers.

By Blogger Adrian, at 2:23 pm  

One of the 'helpers' is the horrendous Joe Mott. Sadface :(

By Blogger Miriam, at 2:27 pm  

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