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How's about that then?

RETRO! Jim'll Fix It Strikes Again, UKTV Gold, 9.00pm

Jim'll Fix It Strikes AgainA colleague of ours once gave us this piece of excellent advice: if you're in that annoying situation where there's a song in your head that you just can't get rid of, the one surefire way to banish it is to start humming or singing the Jim'll Fix It theme tune. Admittedly this does mean, upon occasion, that said theme tune merely replaces the other one on a constant loop in your head, but it still achieves the task it sets out to do. Consider that a useful life tip, brought to you by lowculture absolutely free of charge.

So, in the UKTV habit of commissioning new programmes that are still old in spirit, we have Jim'll Fix It Strikes Again, wherein Sir Jimmy Saville looks through the wondrous televisual archives at some classic Fix-Its, and makes some new dreams come true. Not entirely dissimilar to Wogan: Now and Then, in other words, only with less chatting and more cigars, we'd imagine.

The legendary fix-it where the cub scouts wanted to eat their lunch on a rollercoaster will be recreated by the original cubs - now men in their thirties who probably ought to know better, and we're hoping that on the grounds of decency they won't be dressed in their original uniforms. That's pretty much all you'd need to know. Useless and embarrassing fact: when we were young, we almost wrote to Jim'll Fix It to ask if we could dance on TV to 'I'd Rather Jack' with the Reynolds Girls. We're quite glad we didn't now, given the potential future embarrassment factor, although they'd probably have been glad of the publicity given what fate had in store for them.

We'll probably be taking a bit of a break over Easter (unless we change our minds, of course, and there's every chance of that) but in the meantime, stuff your face with chocolate, enjoy the super double team of Doctor Who and Any Dream Will Do on Saturday night, and don't forget to pay due respect to all the religious thingummybobs that lead to you getting chocolate in the first place.

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