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Very Empressive

Yesterday was an exciting day, readers, we don't mind telling you. Most of the lowculture team seem to work for the BBC these days, so it's not unusual to find us all lurking around Television Centre trying to make eyes at CBBC presenters and patiently waiting for an opportunity to shove Natasha Kaplinsky down a short flight of stairs. And once all that's done, there's always time to browse in the BBC shop, specifically for Doctor Who toys. And look at the one we chose!

Yes, it's the Empress of the Racnoss. If someone had said said this time three years ago that it would be possible to own an action figure of her off Cutting It as a giant spider, it would have seemed like a fanciful notion - almost as unlikely as a Gary and Minty storyline in EastEnders raising a chuckle. But here she is, "fully poseable", with "more than 24 points of articulation" (25? 26? Well who knows!) and a price tag of just £19.99. What a wonderful world!

» Incidentally, this Saturday's episode of Doctor Who, written by the marvellous Gareth Roberts, is really good, and what's more it's got a hot boy in the first scene. Knowing what you lot are like, it requires no further recommendation, so just watch it on BBC1 at 7pm this Saturday.

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The Empress of Racnoss action figure looks very life-like.

By Blogger David, at 2:08 pm  

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