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Surgical spirit

PERFECT! Nip/Tuck, Sky One, 10.00pm

Nip/TuckOn the whole we've made the transition to a cable-less home with relatively few complaints, but we'll be honest - we do still miss having Sky One. We don't especially miss the stupid font they use for the channel logo where the "e"s look like "c"s, but we miss having access to things like Nip/Tuck on a regular basis, with its fondness for envelope-pushing, its love for making Julian McMahon take his shirt off, and its general all-round gaiety.

Thanks to the wonder that is YouTube, we know that there are many fine moments still to come in this series (episode six, for example, and don't worry, we'll write more about that one nearer the time), but we thought it would be a good plan for us to show it some love now so that you can all get up-to-speed before we go all out and declare it to be must-see TV. Anyway, so far this series, Sean and Christian have sold their practice, and Christian's using the cash to indulge his midlife crisis to the fullest by buying a sporty little (and because it can't be said enough, quite gay-looking) motor, but his joy is short-lived when he discovers his own sex tape on YouTube (and if we can digress for a second, has anyone established whether the rumoured Tyra Banks sex tape genuinely exists or not? Because if it does, we really want to see that) and thinks he looks a bit tubby, so he asks Sean to operate on him to tidy up his belly.

Of course, Sean's rather preoccupied with the impending birth of his and Julia's baby, which is likely to have ectrodactyly (which according to the internet is "a congenital abnormality involving the absence of some fingers or toes"), and the hiring of a night nurse. Somehow we suspect that even the relatively-simple sounding latter task is still going to be severely complicated.

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I only want to see the Tyra sex tape if Janice Dickinson is involved somehow.

By Blogger [james], at 10:37 am  

How about if Janice is directing it? I like the idea of her standing behind the camera shouting "Tyra, that's no good, you look like you have a fucking penis in this shot!"

By Blogger Steve, at 8:53 am  

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