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Idol speculation

CONTEST! American Idol, ITV2, 8.30pm

American IdolHoly fuck, ITV2 schedulers! We realise that the Fox network in the States wants to celebrate the return of their all-conquering talent search for a sixth season with two two-hour specials, but did you really have to schedule them back to back on a Friday night, finishing at half past midnight? Just how obsessed do you think we are? Actually, considering we're still seething about the lovely Katharine McPhee losing to the asstastic Taylor Hicks last year, it's probably best not to answer that.

This does pretty much mean we're officially surrendering our Friday nights for the next five months, and no matter how much we might try to claim that we're really not that into it, or that we're not going to get sucked in again this year, we're pretty sure we'll end up hooked regardless.

Last year brought us some interesting moments, such as:

» Paris Bennett, the girl with the voice and soul of a woman about four times her age (who ended up finishing in a deeply disappointing fifth place).
» Melissa McGhee fudging the words to Stevie Wonder's 'Lately' to the extent that from now on we will always sing it as "hope my prediliction ishes".
» Ayla Brown crying like a little girl when she just missed out on a place in the Top 12.
» David Radford looking like he was going to hurl the entire way through the two live performance shows that he actually made it to.
» Kellie Pickler wondering what a "ballsy" is.
» Lunchlady Ace Young wearing the world's most unattractive hairnet (in itself quite an impressive feat).
» And of course that brilliant moment in the final four elimination where Katharine totally thought she was going and we all totally thought Katharine was going, and Chris Daughtry clearly thought Katharine was going and that he would go on to win, only for Seacrest to announce that Chris had been eliminated and for Chris to completely forget his gracious loser face:


So! A new year, a new search, and plenty more moments to cherish. Possibly even the uncovering of a quite good singer, somewhere. You just never know.

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HAHAHA! I love the way that Ryan just came out with 'you're going home tonight' in the middle of all the usual flannel. Beautiful.

By Blogger Lost Boy, at 12:03 pm  

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