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People are all the same

SING! Soapstar Superstar, ITV1, 8.30pm
FETCH! Ugly Betty, Channel 4, 9.30pm

Possibly not as a complete coincidence, at the same time that the BBC is running the second series of Just The Two Of Us, ITV is running the second series of Soapstar Superstar. We're not saying who's copying who, and we're not saying which show we prefer. But seriously: get some new ideas, you guys.

Anyway, after the runaway success of the first series that unleashed The Fleesh on an unsuspecting public, more soapies have signed up to wow us with their lung capacity or somesuch. Obviously you're all clamouring to know who's competing, so we'll run a quick list: representing Coronation Street are Tupele Dorgu (Kelly), Jane Danson (Leanne) and Antony Cotton (Sean), representing Emmerdale are Verity Rushworth (Donna), Hayley Tamaddon (Delilah) and Matthew Wolfenden (David). Batting for Hollyoaks: In The City are Gemma Atkinson (Lisa/Johnny Vegas) and Leon Lopez (Tank Top), while the ever-affable Alan Fletcher (Karl) represents Neighbours, the decidedly not-ugly Mark Furze (Ric) holding court for Home And Away and Elaine Lordan (Lynne) representing EastEnders, and presumably hoping to last a bit longer than she did on I'm A Celebrity. An interesting line-up, and it's anybody's guess who's going to win, really. But it should be a car crash, and what's not to love about that?

And over on Channel 4 we have what will hopefully be the big new hit of the year - Ugly Betty, an adaptation of a Colombian telenovela, whether the eponymous Betty is hired as the new assistant to the editor-in-chief of fash mag Mode, largely because his father knows that she's about the only girl in town he isn't going to try to sleep with. It's your classic culture-clash tale as Betty tries to fit in amongst the fashionistas, most of whom are intensely amused by her and like nothing better than watching her embarrass herself hideously. It's been a huge hit in America, and the trailers make it look awesome, plus it's got Ashley Jensen in it, who was the only good thing about Extras, so we've got high hopes for this one.

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I think they managed to fit the best bit into the trailer.

I'd rather watch that mock latino soap opera with Salma Hayek though!

By Blogger Jamie, at 7:35 pm  

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