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Winging it

LAST? Green Wing, Channel 4, 10.00pm

Green Wing aficionados, steel yourselves, for this is rumoured to be the last ever episode of the hospital-set sitcom-cum-sketch show. Apparently it's far too difficult to get such a large cast free to film at the same time in a large working hospital, which we can sort of understand. And, if we're honest, we kind of think it's better that it ends now, because although series two had its moments, there was definitely a limit to how much further it could have gone. So why not tie it all up nice and neatly now, eh? And the creator hasn't ruled out the possibility of a spinoff either, so dry those eyes.

So, at the end of the last series: Guy and Caroline decided to elope together, because of a series of complications arising from the fact that Mac is terminally ill - a fact that neither of them are actually aware of yet. Statham and Joanna are on the run in a motor caravan, as the result of another series of complications stemming from the accidental killing of a dwarf (possibly the highpoint of the last series, we think). That sets things up nicely, and to add to that in this episode we're promised Karen having a complete change of personality after her fall from the window, Sue White eyeing up another job (but will it be one where she can be habitually rude to everyone and dress as a squirrel whenever she likes? We do hope so), and the eternal conundrum of whether poor Martin will ever pass his exams.

Sniff. We're getting quite emotional just thinking about it.

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