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If it's just a load of attractive young people having sex and doing pills for a full hour then we'll be in the drawing room finishing that knitting*

* Perhaps not strictly true.

THRILLS! Skins, E4, 10pm

Now, this is a tricky one and no mistaking. Channel 4 have been giving this a right old promotional hammering, with trails, stings, dogs, brands and goodness knows what else polluting our field of vision every 3.5 seconds. Is this because they know it's really good, or are we about to see the biggest turkey since Bernard Matthews served up the roast on Christmas Day? As the first episode's been previewing on MySpace all week, you might have expected us to have had a bit of a look. But we're a bit old-fashioned here at lowculture, so we're going to wait and watch it on The Actual Telly.

And what are we likely to see? A load of pretty "youths" having a wild old time in Bristol – a rather unlikely scenario if ever we heard one. The producers are adamant that there won't be any "issues" – it will simply reflect the reality of life for drug-fucked, sex-crazed teenagers in 21st Century Britain. Phew!

The series is, no doubt, designed to be provocative. Let's hope that the thoughts it provokes are a bit more socially relevant than a load of old gays wondering if it's now OK to fancy the one from About A Boy. Not that we'd know anything about that. Oh no, sir.

Anyway, moving on...

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Channel Chav does it again. Makes Goldplated look like Jewel in the Crown. Has the writer ever been a teenager; seen a teenager? Car crash TV

By Anonymous Salaryman, at 11:18 pm  

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