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Deirdres of our lives

HISTORY! You Don't Know You're Born, ITV1, 9.00pm

You Don't Know You're BornWe're going to be charitable and not spend the whole preview pointing out that this is blatantly a cheap knock-off of Who Do You Think You Are, because that isn't going to do anybody any good. Besides, that show isn't likely to feature Anne Kirkbride, alias Dame Deirdre of Weatherfield, in the near future, so perhaps this version may be slightly more appealing to lowculturites.

Admittedly we'd probably be slightly more interested if the programme were actually about Deirdre herself, since perhaps some research into the Hunt family tree could tell us about the incomparable Blanche and just how she came to be so incredibly awesome, or indeed some traits that could have provided warning signs as to why Tracy turned out to be a date-raping builder-murderer with a penchant for going upstairs to play her tapes. Possibly a show like this already exists on ITV2, actually. But we digress. This show focuses more on experiencing what your ancestors lives' were like, so Anne gets sent off to Ireland to try her hand at ploughing a field.

We quite like that part of the proposal - especially if some later celebrities discover that their lineage was heavily involved in running cockfights or filtering sewerage. We're keeping our fingers crossed for Lisa Scott-Lee trying to shoe a horse.

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Hurrah for blatant rip-offs, but what a rubbish name this show has!

By Blogger Adrian, at 9:56 am  

Unlike Dierdre Rashid, I am very much aware I have been born. Funny that.

By Blogger [james], at 4:20 pm  

Seriously, WTF?? You Don't Know You're Born sounds more like a programme on living with severe mental illness or something, and even then it's still a shit title.

By Anonymous me, at 7:15 pm  

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