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Revenge, Aussie style

BONZA! Neighbours, BBC1, 1.40pm/5.35pm

NeighboursWow. When we were poring over this week's listings trying to decide what to write about, we really weren't expecting to find so little. After all, this close to Christmas, shouldn't there be lots of good stuff on? Shouldn't we be encouraged to stay inside in the warm with a cup of tea and watch something excellent on the telly? But no. So we're falling back on our good old standards, the soaps, three out of five days this week. Good job the soaps have got stuff happening in them, eh?

So, after Max's botched attempt at rescuing Cartier from Robert the other week, y'know, by RUNNING HIM OVER, and then discovering that Robert was actually Cameron, it turns out that Max and Cartier are not really on anyone's favourites list right now. Not that we especially liked them in the first place anyway. Paul in particular is pretty pissed off, not that we blame him. Shitty dad he may be, but we can understand the whole "my son must be avenged!" thing he's got going on. So, he might have a whole 'an eye for an eye' thing going on with Max. Somehow we doubt Paul will actually kill him, although we really wouldn't miss Max either way.

Meanwhile, Boyd decides to take down Cartier, because obviously it's entirely her fault that Max ran Cameron over and it has nothing to do with Max being incredibly stupid or anything like that, so he decides to plant some drugs on her. An obvious course of events. We're really not that keen on Boyd either; he looks good with his shirt off and everything, but he's just as insufferable as the rest of his wretched family. They're leaving soon, right? RIGHT?

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