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We've already made the "sketchy" joke this week, haven't we?

COMEDY! Blunder, E4, 9.00pm

We feel like we're being slowly smothered with sketch shows at the moment. We wouldn't mind (well, we would perhaps mind in the more obvious sense wherein we'd probably be dead, but apart from that...), except quite a few of them have been Not Very Good. We got quite excited about That Mitchell And Webb Look and we will always have a soft spot for Catherine Tate, but...well, there's a lot of shit out there, isn't there?

Blunder is E4's attempt to crowd the genre a little further, and you all know how much we hate to judge things that we haven't actually seen, but we'll be honest about our feelings upfront: judging by the trailers, it doesn't look very good. Possibly what worries us most is the fact that it looks like it was filmed on the same set as The Charlotte Church Show, and if that isn't a recipe for disaster, we don't know what is.

However, we always like to draw your attention to mitigating circumstances, and in this case those circumstances would be the presence of David Mitchell, who has an uncanny ability to make substandard material that's frankly unworthy of him seem a little fresher and a little better, so perhaps he may be just what this show needs. (Well, that and some pictures we could use, ffs.)

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