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Up the creek

TEEN! Dawson's Creek, Five Life, 7.00pm

Dawson's CreekFirst of all, we apologise rather mutedly for our failure to mention this yesterday. See, Five Life is showing the series again from the very beginning, and yesterday was the first episode, so if you didn't see it, then, er, you've missed it. But we are firmly of the belief that it's better to be late than never to arrive, so we are bringing your attention to the Dawson's Creek reruns.

We found it equally amusing and disturbing that Five's entire promotional strategy for the series is centred around the whole concept of "see Katie Holmes...before she turned into a crazy $cientology zombie!" It must be rather galling for the other cast members to know that they've all amounted to nothing as a result of Katie getting sprogged up by one of the world's most famous actors. Never mind that Michelle Williams was awesome in Brokeback Mountain and was nominated for an Oscar or anything; apparently that's far too trivial.

Anyway, that's probably all beside the point. This is the first series, where they still looked far too old to be in high school, and they still all talked like they'd just swallowed the entire Merriam-Webster, but if you loved it then, you'll probably still love it now. Tonight, Jen becomes the leading lady in Dawson's latest film, because he's got a total boner for him. And to think she deflowered him a mere five seasons later! Sorry...you'd been trying to forget that ever happened, hadn't you? (And yes, we know our picture is from a much later series. We didn't have time to find a better one...)

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